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COMP 1021 - Applied AI for Non-Programmers

Undergraduate Studies
Professor / Instructor
Maryam Khezrzadeh
January 09, 2021-April 10, 2021

This hands-on entry level course provides an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is offered by BCIT Computing Part-time Studies. Aimed at business or IT professionals and other who are curious about learning AI fundamentals, students begin by discussing AI concepts, and making comparisons to Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science.
There are no specific prerequisites other than being proficient in using a personal computer, and being able to interact and communicate with others on a group project.
Topics include supervised learning, neural networks, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning.
Commonly used AI tools and platforms allow participants to prepare data, train and evaluate their models.
Online discussions include: natural language processing and decision making, as well as social issues and implications due to the limitations of AI.
COMP 1021 is an elective in the Applied Information Systems (ACIS) Associate Certificate, which is a sub-set of the Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma.
Evaluation includes significant participation, labs, activities, online quizzes, group work and a project presentation. Upon successful completion students will be able to develop and deploy a no-code AI solution using Microsoft Azure.

COMP 1021 was developed as part Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster capacity building project Athena Pathways. It is designed to help more Canadian women see the potential of the tech sector, and how a career in AI aligns with their skills and interests.
Registration for the January 2021 offering will open Oct. 28, 2020, with registration schedule preview on Oct. 23:

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