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Sanctuary’s mission is to create general purpose robots that can autonomously perform most economically valuable work. Members of the Sanctuary team founded D-Wave (created the quantum computing industry), Kindred (first use of reinforcement learning in a production robot) and the Creative Destruction Lab (created in excess of $5B in shareholder value). The team has experience launching market defining innovations rooted in deep, unsolved scientific problems. The company is based in Vancouver, Canada.

A business associate is required to support the Chief Commercial Officer in market analysis, customer engagement, drafting and submitting grant proposals and running onboarding processes with prospective customers.

    • Support and report to Chief Commercial Officer to achieve 2021 Commercial and Corporate objectives 
    • Manage CRM and maintain database with updates and run reports 
    • Market Research related to product/market fit - analyzing, sourcing, qualifying and prioritizing automatable tasks in the human economy. 
    • Customer Development - managing a funnel of customers through a stage-gated phased approach. 
    • Grant Drafting - drafting multi-million dollar grants both nationally and internationally. Examples are with WD and SIF. Ability to put together project plans. 
    • Attend industry conferences
    • 3-5 yrs work experience in venture backed companies or new product development roles
    • Entrepreneurial 
    • Motivated by tech, strategy, dynamic environment
    • Background or strong interest in marketing, research, partnering, venture building, strategy 
    • High technical aptitude with background in sciences or engineering with interest in AI, robotics, virtual reality
    • Exceptional writing skills 
    • Comfortable with introductory customer calls and can build trust and rapport quickly
    • Exceptional efficiency and focus 
    • Strong independence and initiative, should require little to no supervision
    • The ability to learn quickly and adapt to new situations, tasks, and technology
    • The ability to prioritize tasks effectively and manage their workload to avoid burnout
    • The ability to seamlessly transition between tasks 
    • The ability to understand what needs to be done well, and what needs to be done fast and balance the two depending on the situation 
    • Willingness to do whatever is needed to help the team succeed, no matter how boring or repetitive the task 
    • A strong desire to exceed expectations and bring value to the team 
    • A track record of going above and beyond

About Sanctuary

Founded in 2018 by Geordie Rose, Suzanne Gildert, Olivia Norton and Ajay Agrawal, Sanctuary is a Vancouver, Canada based mission driven company. Sanctuary’s mission is to create general purpose robots that can autonomously perform most economically valuable work.

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