Data Engineer Intern


About Think Technologies

Think Technologies is a Vancouver-based AI startup that applies, develops, and deploys AI technology solutions for Business Threat Detection and Management, Health Care, Sustainability, Marketing, and more. Our mission is to utilize AI to uncover valuable business insights from global data. We are a team of experts in AI technology and scaling businesses. 

Our Product: Provata AI

Provata AI is our customer-facing platform that uses a combination of external and internal data sources to proactively monitor, identify, surface, notify customers and users about what’s important to them. The platform can be tailored to various industry verticals to dynamically generate AI-driven dashboards and notification workflows that respond in real-time. Our technology brings together natural language processing, computer vision, neutral network analysis, and business system integrations to deliver scalable enterprise cloud solutions. 

About The Role

As a Data Engineer Intern, you will work alongside our product, technology and data science team to play a key role in contributing towards the design and development of our AI architecture, including our data sources, data lake design, AI curation engine, and content delivery engine. Based on our customer’s use cases, you will focus on evaluating various data sources, writing test queries to analyze and test data for our needs, determining the data structure, and how to move and store the data efficiently in our system. 

About You

You’re passionate about using data and technology to solve hard problems and provide value for our customers and users by giving them insights that were not possible without AI/ML. You have a background in data infrastructure, data analysis, and programming. 

You consider yourself scrappy and have a positive, ‘do-the-right-thing’ attitude when it comes to making decisions for the company, our team, and our customers. You have great attention to detail and are able to effectively defend your ideas and positions while also being open to doing what’s best for our platform and users. You’re curious by nature, always learning new things and actively trying to apply them.


  • Evaluate the suitability, accessibility, and reliability of various data sets/sources
  • Determine how to best extract, transform, and load data into our data lake
  • Contribute to the design, building, and maintenance of the architecture
  • Analyze our data to make recommendations to help our stakeholders make decisions
  • Implement cost-effective and scalable infrastructure for ML/AI workflows
  • Support our data science team in deploying new ML/AI algorithms
  • Collaborate with the team to identify opportunities for process improvements, system modifications, and data governance policies

How to Apply

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