Machine Learning Engineer

Full Time


Work on designing, developing, and optimizing the infrastructure behind and capabilities of an automated enterprise machine learning platform.

The duties of the Machine Learning Engineer include the following:
• Apply theoretical concepts in machine learning, math, computer science, and engineering to develop AI solutions through identifying the appropriate learning algorithm for domain questions, implementing the algorithm into machine learning models, and selecting the most relevant features for predictions by applying the associated data processing and statistical computing methods; train machine learning model with multiple measures including mathematical optimization, transfer learning, external prior knowledge, and hyperparameter optimization; determine the best metrics for evaluating and explaining the experimental results by mirroring and revitalizing the existing processes with collaboration tools, and converting professionals’ domain knowledge into associated evaluation criterion; transform machine learning model into deliverables and build query API to deploy models on customers’ devices.
• Incorporate scientific knowledge of mathematical modeling, optimization, signal processing, regression, classification, statistics, factor analysis, linear algebra, probability theory, learning theory, regression, classification, detection, system design, parallel computing, computer programming, software test, cloud solutions (AWS), machine vision, text analysis and preprocessing, audio analysis and preprocessing, data structure and algorithm, operating system and computer programming, etc. where appropriate.
• Invent and improve universal, efficient, robust data pipelines in AI foundational system to ensure that the training and querying data loaded into AI models are secure, parallel, preprocessed, and well-structured.
• Design, develop and modify an advanced cloud-based AI foundational system that allows developers to build customized AI models and applications for the specific use of the business customers.
• Design scalable, efficient, automated processes for large-scale data analyses, model training, evaluation, and deployment.
• Collaborate with fellow team members including software development engineers and machine learning engineers to optimize the AI platform.

Minimum Education/Experience:
• Master’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science

Required Skills:
• C++;
• Deep learning mathematics such as “Calculus,” “Linear algebra,” “Probability Theory and Statistics,” and “Optimization”;
• Machine learning algorithms including Transformers, Convolutional Neural Networks, Attention systems, and other techniques
• Computer vision tasks (recognition, classification, and tracking);
• Robot Operating System (ROS); and
• Building performance evaluation metrics for machine learning.

Any suitable combination of education and experience will be accepted.

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