Quantum Error Correction Specialist

Full Time

Quantum Error Correction Specialists at Photonic are experts in quantum resource estimation, measurement-based quantum architectures, cluster states, quantum error detection and correction, and quantum fault-tolerance encodings and strategies. You will collaborate with a diverse, multi-disciplinary group of engineers, scientists, and other technical team members on our quantum development team as we work to design and build the world’s first quantum processors based on silicon colour centres.

What we need you to do:

  • Provide technical leadership in quantum information, including near-term quantum error correction and fault-tolerance, foundations of quantum codes, entanglement theory, and mathematical physics, specifically in the following areas:
  1. practical quantum error-correcting codes and fault-tolerant schemes and their implementation
  2. the limitations on quantum error correction and on the distribution of quantum correlations
  3. numerical techniques to design experimentally feasible quantum codes
  4. invariant methods for entanglement detection
  • Design, model, and develop new architectures for fault-tolerant silicon-based quantum computing
  • Establish and coordinate the process to design, create, and integrate technical components to deliver silicon-based quantum computing
  • Create architectural models that balance both quantum and classical resources
  • Collaborate with the Photonic team to tailor fault-tolerant architectures to real-world silicon devices and to inform the development of hardware towards fault-tolerance
  • Explore how quantum devices can optimize key performance factors such as fidelity, connectivity, coherence, scalability, reliability, and efficiency
  • Write patents and peer-reviewed articles reporting advances where applicable
  • Establish collaborations with outside research organizations (government labs and academic groups)
  • Train, guide, and develop current and additional team members

What you bring to our team:

  • Advanced degree (MSc or PhD) in physics or mathematics, or a related field with a focus on quantum error correction and fault tolerance
  • 5-7 years related work experience or equivalent combination of work and education
  • Experience with measurement-based quantum architectures, cluster states, quantum error detection and correction, and quantum fault-tolerance encodings and strategies
  • Experience modeling the above with parameters of real physical systems
  • A strong background in quantum information theory and quantum mechanics or mathematical physics, with an interest in theoretical or experimental quantum error correction, entanglement theory, optimization, invariant theory, and/or mathematical physics
  • Experience with quantum architecture best practices
  • Proficiency in working with Python or other modern programming languages
  • Ability to be flexible and adapt to new situations in a rapidly changing research environment
  • Outstanding teamwork skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills

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