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Machine Learning: Strategic Applications

Graduate Studies and Professional Development
Professor / Instructor
Prof. Mahesh Nagarajan, Senior Associate Dean, Research
March 15, 2021

Machine Learning—it’s not just a buzzword any more.
A subset of artificial intelligence, Machine Learning (ML) is the science of getting computers to uncover key connections and make decisions without being explicitly programmed. It has given us many striking new applications, like self-driving cars and speech recognition.
This program introduces the tools, techniques, opportunities and applications of ML from a strategic perspective. Unlock the opportunities of this powerful technology to create greater value and competitive edge in your business.


Due to the nature of this course often being sponsored by employers, only those who do not have the full tuition covered by their employer and a remaining balance $500 or greater not paid by the employer will be eligible for this scholarship.

You are applying for a $500 scholarship towards a qualifying course at one of our post-secondary education partners: BCIT, Northeastern University, SFU or UBC. Applicants must be either Canadian Citizens, BC permanent residents or working towards obtaining one of these.

Please only apply for this scholarship once you have been enrolled or waitlisted in an applicable course. We will be confirming all student details with instructors.

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